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About the Molecular 生物学 Degree Program


The most exciting things happening in biology right now are at the molecular (DNA, 核糖核酸, 蛋白质)级别. The Molecular 生物学 degree at the 内布拉斯加大学 at Kearney is designed to meet the needs of students desiring a strong background in this fast-moving and ever-growing field.

Through molecular research, insights into various diseases such as cancer, heart disease and genetic disorders are possible. Sequencing of a large number of genomes has clarified the evolutionary relationships among organisms. In the current medical field, a new emphasis is placed on molecular biology, and incoming students will become well versed in the information and techniques that constitute this exciting and challenging area.

In addition to the medical and healthcare fields, most fields of biological research are converging on molecular biology and the techniques employed to answer questions and test hypotheses, making this expertise highly applicable to a wide range of educational and career opportunities.

Because of the emphasis offered by this comprehensive program, no minor or second major are required.

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Dr. 金伯利卡尔森

Molecular 生物学 Program at a Glance



一般的研究 requirement has been reduced to 30 credit hrs allowing more freedom and making it easier to transfer to 体育菠菜大平台.


Molecular 生物学 Comprehensive, Bachelor of Science



With the New Nebraskan Scholarship all undergraduate students pay in-state tuition


"The rigor of the molecular biology curriculum at 体育菠菜大平台 developed my ability to not only acquire a wealth of knowledge but more importantly, it provided me with the foundations necessary to think critically and apply my understanding to novel and/or real-world issues."


Medical Student at Northwestern University, Chicago, IL

What can you do with a Molecular 生物学 Degree

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  • 生物技术
  • 法医科学家
  • 基因顾问
  • 研究和学术
  • 基因工程
  • Health career preparation


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